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The southernmost point of Europe, Tripiti, is on Gavdos, a small island south of Crete.

Saskia, my girlfriend and co-author of this small book took me to the island that she had known and loved since 1988. That was in 2002. At the time there were about 40-50 people living on Gavdos, most of whose families had lived for generations on the island.

That year I started to portray the island and the ‘Gavdiotes’ on black and white 120 medium format film. Over eleven years we returned seven times. Every time we took boxes full of small fibre-based prints with us. Everybody got prints of the photos that I had taken from them …

Over the years there evolved a selection of photos in boxes which were viewed with tender looks time after time. From that selection, we have finally made up a small book.

The book

photographer: Eelco Loode
text & design: Eelco Loode, Saskia Nengerman
binding: hardcover
pages: 144
illustrations: 178 photographs, 1 map
size: 18,1 x 15,5 cm
printing: duo tone by Tripiti, Rotterdam
ISBN: 978-90-822357-0-8

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The price of the book is € 20 and of course it’s for sale on Gavdos ...

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You can also buy the book at:
The Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam